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There is some kind of errors, which you can easily fix by edit (or move) only one line of code. My last error is one of them. I don’t remember when I made it, because I can’t recall a birthday of my last line written by hand). Ok, not completely by hand, because I used snippet “propdp”, which are used to generate properties, which we can use from XAML level for example. This snippet before edition looks like this (after double tab):

public int MyProperty
			get { return (int)GetValue(MyPropertyProperty); }
			set { SetValue(MyPropertyProperty, value); }

		// Using a DependencyProperty as the backing store for MyProperty.  This enables animation, styling, binding, etc...
		public static readonly DependencyProperty MyPropertyProperty =
			DependencyProperty.Register("MyProperty", typeof(int), typeof(ownerclass), new PropertyMetadata(0));

I want bool, not int, so I fix one by one and I have sth like this after that:

public bool LoadIt
			get { return (bool)GetValueLoadItProperty); }
			set { SetValue(LoadItProperty, value); }

		//Ten komentarz oczywiście wyrzuciłam bo mi po co
		public static readonly DependencyProperty LoadItProperty =
			DependencyProperty.Register("LoadIt", typeof(bool), typeof(MyWindowClass), new PropertyMetadata(0));

It looks like this.

I press the green triangle, and I’m sure it must work. I don’t do it first time, and … ouch, something is broken.

I have TypeInitializationException from title. My first reaction… no, it must be censored, because children can read it, but when I mastered the world flow composed of the words underlined in red by word application and mastered the wave of self-aggression, I decided that before I use the “search error in stack overflow” function in my VS, I read what says “exception message”.

In general, it has a problem with cast “0” :p Ok, I forgot to change default value. Stupid distracted blonde girl- PropertyMetadata must take false as default value:)

So the last line must look like this:

		public static readonly DependencyProperty CzyMaBycZaladowaneProperty =
			DependencyProperty.Register("CzyMaBycZaladowane", typeof(bool), typeof(MojeOkienko), new PropertyMetadata(false));

And that’s all